The Call Center Consulting Group is the expert in Call Center operations and performance. We will evaluate your current call center to provide you with the necessary tools for continued growth. With 20 years of experience in successfully managing call centers our niche is in our Development and Training programs which has proven to be invaluable to our success. We understand that the agent is the 1st voice representing your company and our goal is to help them represent you well.

Our Process

2-4 day training depending on the need of our client

Once we evaluate your current call center. We will then set in motion our plan of action. You as the client have the choice to choose the package that best suites your company. We offer packages which include Leadership Training, Agent Training and operations.

Our Process

Statistical Report Tracking

The purpose of statistical report tracking is to become familiar with historical trends in your call center. This information is vital and used to address issues and develop Key Performance Metrics to drive performance

Our Process

Coaching Documents

We have developed coaching documents based on the 5 step coaching method to track the agents area of opportunity. This information is very helpful is assessing the agents mindset and then using this information to motivate them while building their confidence.

Our Process


Our mission is to provide the best service to our clients enabling them to become more productive and efficient through our development and training classes.
We will strive to make our client’s processes seamless while creating a University type training environment for ongoing training and mastery.
We will identify hidden leaders within the company based on performance metrics and invest in them to invest in the company.
We will help develop the right culture for continued growth and motivation.
Our mission is to help our clients understand their growth potential while being invested in their success.


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